Let The Meme Games Begin!

On December 6, the Department of Sociology organizes its bi-annual Sociology Student Research Symposium. This event offers a useful opportunity to all Sociology students to share their knowledge, to learn from each other, and to socialize in an informal manner.

Just like last year, Study Association Versot will take part in this event by coordinating a meme competition. Important: every Sociology student can join by sending a meme. The meme must be sociology related. To get inspired for what a meme is: take a look at your follow students’ SocioloMeme Instagram-page, or get inspired by the winner of last year:

Two prizes can be won. On the one hand, a jury – a mix of the Versot board and members of the Sociology Department – will pick the meme that appeals mostly to the Sociology-theme. On the other hand, on the Student Research Symposium, it is possible to select your favorite meme, which will win the Public Choice Award.

There will be some fun prizes to win, but as is evident, the best prize is the fame you will receive as the laureate of the first Sociology Meme Contest. So be sure to join in and who knows you might just be the most creative sociology student.

The procedure is as follows. Memes must be posted on sociologymemes.eu . To make a contribution, you should ask for login credentials by sending an e-mail to Tim Reeskens. He will provide you with a fake name in order to guarantee everyone a fair chance in the Public Choice Award. Contributions should be online by December 3 by 23:59.

In case there are additional questions, please feel free to send an e-mail to Tim Reeskens. So, let the games begin, and may the odds be ever be in your favor!